Strategic planning personalized to YOU and YOUR business.


Strategic planning personalized to YOU and YOUR business.

Grab your free guide NOW to create YOUR strategic plan in 5 easy steps!

Your strategic action plan is the planned map to success. This plan not only includes the objectives but how to accomplish those objectives.  Not sure where to start?

You Are In The Right Place If: 


You are feeling Overwhelmed and in "Analysis Paralysis" not starting or completing anything


You have plenty of IDEAS but don’t know how to OPTIMIZE, MONITIZE or SELL them.


You want to grow or launch your business and need the steps, actions and map laid out for you.

Have you ever said “I just need a little help”, “I wish I had someone to bounce this idea off of” or think about how nice it would be to have a jump start.  A leg up and an immediate plan of action. No more guessing, no more wondering what to do next or where to start!

You just need help NOW – and that is why I created this session because I get it! I’ve been there! I wish I had someone I could call to just get me MOVING. No long term committment, no huge investment, just immediate and HUGE results.

Not sure how much you can accomplish in an hour?  

Here is what Harley Raptor was able to accomplish…wouldn’t you like to feel this way also?

Having my 1:1 session with Michelle brought so much clarity and confidence back to me and my ability to serve my clients. She stepped in by providing me with an action plan on how to handle the next few weeks and gave me solid advice on a few areas of my business I was struggling with. She gave me the permission I needed to hear, and she granted me the ability to forgive myself for “getting it wrong”. Our call has truly impacted me personally as much as my business.

I feel so much stronger and capable from our call. I know what needs to get done and I know I can do it. I know how to handle what comes my way and how to survive until my next deadline.

I would be so lost without Michelle and I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with her. I look forward to continuing to grow my business and working with her in the future. I strongly recommend working with her if you need any guidance or assistance with your business – you won’t regret it!

My Clients Get Results.

You Can too !!! 

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Michelle has hands down been the best investment I could have made in myself and my business. She helps you develop a strategic action plan that takes you from your goals to reality and beyond. The accountability she provides has been a game changer for my business as have her thoughtful insights and recommendations. If you’re looking to up-level your business, working with Michelle is a no-brainer.

Nicole Cheri Oden

She is dedicated to you and your goals! Michelle’s talents are priceless and insurmountable! A strong willed, dedicated woman who loves what she does and she is outstanding as a Business Strategist!

Pat LaRose

I did a half day intensive with Michelle and she was amazing. Michelle has the ability to look at your business, see the gaps where you are letting cash through and strategize with you to come up with new solutions and ideas. I look for integrity in who I deal with and Michelle has this in spades. Highly recommend her. I would give her 10 stars if I could.

Liz Nonnemacher

How I DO What I Do ?

3 core principles to Business Success – The 3 p’s


I dive deep into your passion to understand why you started this business, who it helps, what value it brings to them, the solutions it provides. What makes you LOVE this entrepreneurial journey and your purpose for starting. Understanding your bigger vision for your business and where you see it in 1 year, 3 years or even 10 years.



This is where the “work” begins.  Every business needs a plan and more importantly one that is EASY to execute.  What that streamlines what you do to make you the most efficient. We devise a plan that feels GOOD to you, that makes you excited to dive in and get to work.  One that takes away the overwhelm and guides you step by step.


We are ALL in business to make money.  And we all have different reasons WHY we want to make money (passion).  But we aren’t just here to make revenue – my goal is to make you PROFITABLE and grow your profits month by month, year over year.  


About Me

Consider me your personal GPS in your business journey! I am here to guide you on and give you the direction, action and strategy you need to turn all of your passions into PROFIT in the fastest, most efficient way possible! Just like your GPS in the car gets your from point A to Point B, helping you to avoid all road blocks and redirects you when you hit them, I will do the same for you in your business journey! There is no one size fits all strategy! Each of us is uniquely different and our strategy must match our personalities as well as your goals and visions!

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