Hey!  I’m Michelle! So great to meet YOU!


Consider me your personal GPS in your business journey!  I am here to guide you on and give you the direction, action and strategy you need to turn all of your passions into PROFIT in the fastest, most efficient way possible!  Just like your GPS in the car gets your from point A to Point B, helping you to avoid all road blocks and redirects you when you hit them, I will do the same for you in your business journey!  There is no one size fits all strategy!  Each of us is uniquely different and our strategy must match our personalities as well as your goals and visions! 

My passion is helping people live a life they love by helping you find a way to enjoy every bit of life while making an income and impact alongside it! We all have a purpose in our life and there are so many lessons to be learned along the way.  I try to take every situation that life hands me and find the lesson that can be learned and apply it to my life moving forward. When you can put all things aside and take a step back to look at what we can learn from some of the most difficult times, you will be amazed at what life has to offer. 

Meet Michelle  

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