If you were born in the 80s, chances are you remember the iconic movie The Lion King. It was a great movie that taught us life lessons as children or maybe we just loved the music and how cute the lion pups were. Either way, it had a great feel good story, right? And it was full of life lessons that can apply to business!

With the live action Lion King movie being released, I knew I had to go see it. And let me tell you watching it as an adult, you see it in a whole new light. I honestly couldn’t believe what a different perspective I had watching this movie as an adult. And I found myself not just watching it at face value for entertainment purposes, but seeing the deeper meaning behind the stories the movie offered. I came home and just immediately started journaling all of the feelings and lessons that came up for me in that short 2 hour film and I had to share!

Here are 10 lessons from The Lion King that every ENTREPRENEUR can learn from:

1. You never know who your friends will be.

Simba never expected to be friends with a warthog and vice versa. When your mind and heart is open, some of your best clients, partnerships and friendships enter your life.

2. Sometimes, you need to look deep within to find who you really are.

On the surface, we can portray a completely different person than we are inside. Rafeeki came to Simba and showed him who he really was inside even when he didn’t believe it himself. Simba had been told over and over what a failure he was and on the surface, that is all he believed. Can you relate?

3. People can and will tell you whatever they want for their own gain.

Scar knew that telling Simba he was responsible for his father’s death would destroy him. Although it was not the truth, Scar allowed simba to believe this for his own gain. This can and will happen in business. People don’t always operate out of integrity. Trust your gut and be sure you are listening to the right people.

4. Long lasting relationships can never be broken.

When relationships are built properly, your clients will always remember you even if it has been years in between your time working together. Simba and Nala had not seen each other in many years when they were reunited in the jungle, but they knew instantly who one another was. Their friendship ran deep and although their appearances had changed, they were still the same on the inside. Focus on creating a friendship and an experience that is unforgettable in your business.

5 . Betrayal & deceit never win.

As with the example in #3, leading from any place other than honesty and integrity will never win in life or business. Although it may give some “immediate” success, there is always more to the story and the truth always comes out. In the movie, not only did Scar betray Simba and the other lions but also the hyenas. He betrayed everyone who was close with him. Think about this in your own life and business. There may come a time when you feel betrayed by someone you felt close to. Know in your heart that in the end, they never come out on top although in the moment that can be hard to do.

6 . Stand firm for what you believe in.

This one comes from Nala. She believed wholeheartedly in the land and her family and was willing to do whatever she had to make a change. She went against the advice of others, she put herself in danger until she found the help she was looking for. Now, I am not saying you should go against all advice and put yourself in danger, but you need to know what you believe in personally and professionally and then stand firm in these beliefs.

7. Be open to trying new things.

When Simba first went on his journey alone, his new friends did not eat what he was used to eating. However, he trusted his new friends and in turn started eating grubs etc. How can you use this in your business? Just because it is something you “have always” done, doesn’t mean there isn’t another alternative option out there. If you have never tried something new, how do you know it “won’t work” or it isn’t a good option? You don’t! Be open to trying new things at least once. You may like it better! You may like it better!

8. Never be afraid to take back your Kingdom.

Simba took back his kingdom. If you are in a situation, where you need to own your authenticity and take back your “kingdom” so to speak, DON’T BE AFRAID TO DO IT! Your business is your kingdom…own it!

9. People believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

We saw this example over and over in the movie and we see it everyday in life and biz also. We doubt ourselves, we fear failure, we get defeated, but guaranteed, there is ALWAYS someone who believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Nala, Rafeeki, Timone, Pumba…they ALL believe in Simba, even in his lowest of lows….

I believe in you! Even if you feel like no one else believes in you, I do! And I’m willing to bet there are TONS of people in my FB Group that believe in you too! So when you start feeling like you are failing, reach out!


“It means no worries, For the rest of your days, It’s our problem-free philosophy!!!” (You know you are singing this in your head right now!) Seriously though! Hakuna Matata! Our days are filled with tough situations. And we can either make them worse, or ease through them. Think about it. What would it mean for your stress level, your family, your clients if you adapted a “Hakuna Matata” attitude? Now, you know I am not saying that we should all just blow everything off as if nothing matters, but use this to take a step back. To really think about your reactions and how you handle situations that come your way….

So…there you have it. A cartoon we loved as children, now teaching us more than we imagined as adults. What I have come to realize is that everything we do in life is here to teach us lessons. We just have to choose to be open minded to them. Maybe some of these resonated with you and maybe others didn’t. That’s ok too because we all interpret differently. My goal is to help you find whatever speaks to you! To me, these life lessons stood out AND I knew I could apply them in life and business.

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