As a business owner, you probably experience daily, a new idea (or 12) popping into your head. How do you know which ideas you SHOULD implement and which ones your shouldn’t? You can’t possibly implement every single one…so some you have to take and run with, and others you don’t.

Something I see often is entrepreneurs that have several ideas for their business, but they never do anything with them. Why? Because there is a disconnect between the idea and implementing that idea into an executable, action plan to work for their business. They get stuck and have no idea what step to take first. I see this time and time again! So many ideas…great ideas at that…and many that get left behind. I don’t want that to be you! I want you to implement all your great ideas and have an easy process to do so to make your business a success.

The first step to successfully implementing your ideas is to have a “queue” or a parking lot. Essentially, this is a place you write every new idea that comes to you and let it sit there for a day or two. A “holding tank” for you to get your idea out of your head, where you can visually refer back to it and revisit it often.

Why do I encourage you to let your ideas sit, parked for a few days, rather than just diving right in?? We are talking about implementation right?

Sounds like I am contradicting myself…Let me explain…often as entrepreneurs we tend to be impulsive and jump from one thing to the next, excited and ready to take action, which ultimately results in moving too quickly and not completing one thing before moving to the next. You cannot implement multiple different ideas successfully at the same time. It’s too much on you and it is VERY confusing to your audience.

When we are constantly bouncing from one idea to the next, it is very hard for your ideal client to know which direction you are taking and which direction THEY should take with you.I use a dry erase whiteboard right above my desk. For a demonstration of how to use a queue in your business, you can watch here.

So what do you do when you are ready to pull an idea from the queue and ready to start working on it…where do you start? What is your first step?

I use a 5 step process will help you to ask the questions to get you started. The questions are designed to help you see what, when, how and why you want to implement this idea into your business. As you go through these steps you will gain more clarity, more excitement and be ready to take the idea into action more….or you may decide, this idea no longer serves you or your audience as you thought it would (another great reason to keep a “queue”.)

Here are the 5 steps to go from Idea to Implementation:

  • Step 1: What is your idea and the goal of this idea?
  • Step 2: How does this make you money?
  • Step 3: What problem does it solve? What value does it bring?
  • Step 4: Who is your potential client?
  • Step 5: How can you deliver or sell this product or service?

I often find that people forget what they are capable of accomplishing. Sometimes it just takes asking the right questions to form a process that can help you. That is exactly what the five steps above will do for you. This process is one that I personally use for every new idea, course, service or project I come up with for my business.

It is crucial to complete the five steps above to be sure you have all of the necessary information BEFORE you implement. Try thinking of it like building a house. You don’t start with the roof…you start with the foundation. The five steps above are your foundation so you can strategically implement your new idea into one that will create profits for your business and bring extreme value to your audience.

As you are going through those questions, you may get stuck. That’s ok. That is also why I created the “Idea to Implementation” email course. What’s even better? IT’S FREE!

This FREE course is going to teach you how to take your idea and put it into an executable plan. It’s going to dive deeper into each of the 5 steps above. There is an overview and a worksheet as well as a series of 5 emails that dive even deeper and ask you even more questions to get your wheels spinning. The course also includes a BONUS VIDEO because once you have the 5 steps listed above completed, you will likely be thinking “Now What?”.   Don’t worry, I got you! We will get that idea ready for you to take immediate action on!