I love working with entrepreneurs!  The energy and excitement they bring is contagious.  It’s like a breath of fresh air! They always have new ideas flying through their head and have a passion that is undeniable.  I always get so excited to work with them and bring their ideas from idea and passion to execution and profit.


One struggle I see all the time is that entrepreneurs are all over the board.  They bounce from here to there and back again. They lack clarity in what they want to do, who they want to serve, what value they bring to their client, etc.

If you want to gain clarity in your business, you must first understand what clarity means.  The definition of clarity is the quality of being coherent and intelligible.  Think about those two words coherent and intelligible.  What do those words mean? Coherent means logical and consistent.  Intelligible means able to be understood; comprehensible.

So, let’s look at the definition of clarity again.  To have clarity in your business you must be logical and consistent about who you are serving and what you are offering them.  Your message to them must also be easily understood and comprehensible. HOW ELSE WOULD THEY KNOW THAT YOU CAN SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM?  Developing a clear, concise business strategy and message is CRUCIAL to being a successful entrepreneur.

So… if you are unclear on any of the above, how is your ideal client supposed to find you and know exactly how you can help them? Here are some tell tale signs you are lacking clarity in your business:

  1. You are constantly changing your mind.  Always launching something new.  Everyday talking about something different.  Not clear in your message exactly what you are talking about.  
  2. You can’t clearly explain who you help and what value you bring. If you get on a call with someone or in a conversation and they ask you who you serve or who your ideal client is, can you answer this in one sentence?  Can you clearly articulate to them how you help them, what value it provides (not always financial value) to them as a result of working with you?
  3. Missing your target and goals month after month.  Missing your goals and targets every month is another sign you are lacking clarity.  It speaks to all of the above reasons. Changing your mind, getting distracted and working on the wrong things, not confident or clear in who you serve are all reasons you may be missing your goals every month.

Does any of the above sound familiar?  If so, you are probably lacking some clarity in your business. But…here’s the good news! You can change that! Now that you know the signs, you can easily attack the issues one at a time to change your habits and routines.  Here are some ways you can start to gain clarity in your business:

  1. Stick with a plan and feel confident in it.  Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.  If you want to ask for feedback or opinions of others, ask one or two of your closest friends/mentors.  You don’t need the feedback and opinions of the masses.  Give ideas time to work and for your message to be heard. When you are constantly throwing something new out there, people get confused and not sure what you do.
  2. Streamline your offers. Get very clear on your core offers. Three core offers is all you really need.  You don’t have to have an offer or package for everyone. Evolve as your clients evolve.  If a client or prospect is looking for something more from you, you can always create a custom proposal. See where the market it is at and what they need from YOU before you just start creating.

What are you waiting for? You have work to do! Follow the steps above and gain the clarity you need in your business. 

If you are still not sure where to even start? Let me help you! I saw this as such a common problem with entrepreneurs, I created this mini course to walk you through and pull the thoughts and ideas out of you.  This 30 min course will ask you all the right  questions and give you the framework you need to really clarify your business and the value in brings to others!