I am really excited to tell you about this week’s social media tools that I came across.  I just love finding fun new apps and websites that make life easier (or just more fun!) Let’s dive right in, because, why not?!

3 Social Media Tools that make your life easier and fun.

# 1 – Yaytext

This is a website (successfully works on both mobile and desktop) that allows you to use custom fonts and styles in your social media posts

Yaytext social media content tool

Have you ever thought when you were typing up a social post that you wish you could put something in BOLD or Italics to really emphasize it?  Now you can!  And it even works when leaving comments! So, if you want your comment to stand out, especially in LARGE group threads, this is the answer! 

yaytext fonts on facebook post

To use this tool, you go to their site and type in the text that you want to be different.   It automatically converts it to over 10 different styles.  Pick the one you want, hit copy and then go back to your social post and paste!  Easy, peasy. Is it an extra step?  Yes. BUT it makes you stand out!  I actually found this tool because someone I follow on social media was doing this in his posts and they kept catching my eye.

I just had to figure out how he did it! After a little research, Yaytext was the answer! Check out my personal FB profile and you will see it in action on my posts!

yaytext tool facebook post

#2 – This Social Media Tool helps you to remove background in photos


remove.bg edit background photos
The headshot in the bottom was removed from a picture that was taken with a bridge in the backgroun.

OMG! I owe the girl who shared this in one of my FB groups a Starbucks giftcard or something.  Seriously, I am in love with this tool. 

Think about this – how many times have you wanted to use a photo of yourself or a picture you took and remove the background in it?  That is EXACTLY what this does! 

I have tried using snapseed, powerpoint, and so many other apps to do this, but all of them require you to manually trace the areas you want removed. 

One slip and suddenly, you only have half an arm, or a piece of your cheek is missing (go ahead, laugh, but you know it’s true).  This website does it all for you.  Upload your pic, and the site works its magic and gives you the image without the background that you can download. 

EASY!!  There is no learning curve and it’s so fast. 

Remove background images in photos
This is an image I created after using the tool – I wanted to use my branded photo of myself only to add to new graphics.

These images are great for branding your social media posts with your pic vs just your logo; to help followers put a face to the name. 

You can do all kinds of fun things with the images once the background is removed, so get creative. 

This is a great tool if you are a product-based business and want to put images of your products on different marketing materials and don’t have a great background. 

#3 – Use your imagination and create awesome/original graphics

EyeDropper Chrome Extension

Since we are on the topic of social posts and branded images, this is another FREE tool that is insanely helpful for my DIYers out there! This tool allows you to click anywhere on an image and it will give you the hex code for it. 

What does that mean in laymen terms? You simply click on the eye dropper in your extensions and hover over any part of an image and it will tell you what the color is. 

When you want to save that color you just simply click on it and it saves it for you. This allows you to create matching text and graphics with consistent and personalized color schemes.

I created a demo video to show you this tool!  Eyedropper is a huge time saver when you are trying to create simple, professional graphics!

Do you need more?

With these simple tools to tweak your approach, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on apps and tools to make your business stand out

There are hundreds of free resources online and I am on a mission to find the very best ones to share with you! 

If you find a tool and you want me to do more research and test it out, comment and share it with me and I will be happy to look into it!