There is such an amazing lesson to learn from The Voice the other night if you take the time to notice it.

One thing I absolutely love about The Voice is that the judges decide solely on talent and what they hear and not at all on what they see.  So many people make a first impression based on what they visually see, not even giving a chance to what could be their next best client, employee, partner etc…

So here is the story:

A woman, Sandy Redd, came on and ended up with a 4 chair turn from all the judges.  The judges immediately started their “fight to win” with the singer. Throwing their belongings at her, screaming over the top of one another, bantering back and forth etc.  Kelly Clarkson, who is often one of the most vocal, was speechless and just made a simple comment, “I don’t care who you pick, I just can’t wait to watch you on this show.”,  and Adam immediately followed with “I do care who you pick — I want this!”. (Source: fight for the win went back and forth for a little while longer and then it was time for her to pick.  The audience, including my husband and I, were both chanting for either Adam or Jennifer Hudson, the ones who had been fighting for her the hardest.  After a long period of silence, she said I will go with my heart on this one and the person who said (she paraphrased), “I don’t care who you pick, I just want to see you win”, which was Clarkson, is who she picked.  Clarkson, who had been sitting in her chair, not saying a word, not fighting for her, just made a statement recognizing her talent and she wanted to see HER WIN.

And here is the lesson:

Many times in business we are in the “fight to win” stage with clients.  We are watching what others are doing, figuring out how we can do it but better, boasting and promoting ourselves and our services on social media, explaining in every finite detail what we do, how we do it and why we are so amazing.  Which, in all reality, there is a time and a place for. People need to know what makes you uniquely you. However, in a world where there is so much noise, so much chatter, and so much bantering, and so much competition, sometimes it can overwhelm and people’s immediate defense is to tune it all out.  Kelly’s statement was a perfect example of how she was putting the client (artist) front and center, recognizing HER talents, recognizing HER amazing capabilities, and telling her she wanted to see and watch HER unfold. Her saying less, sitting back won her, what many suspect, the next winner of “The Voice”.  See, when the artists get on the stage of The Voice, they already know the talents that every coach has to offer, what sells them on their choice is what they say (or don’t say) and how they connect with that person, at that moment. When your message is clear, and it portrays your vision for your client so THEY can relate to and not just you and your vision, saying less is really saying more.  This is a perfect example of the old saying “actions, speak louder than words”.

Be who you are, do your best work, show up and just DO the work; let your actions do the talking.  Don’t get caught up in your “competition”, because there is no competition, we all are different. There isn’t anyone else out there that does exactly what you do.  There isn’t anyone else out there that delivers the way you deliver. We all have our own voice, our own methods, and our own style. You are uniquely you. Your clients will find you when you focus on THEM and not yourself or competition.