“I need more clients.” This is something I hear almost on an everyday basis. And as much as I would love to tell you that there is a magic potion to magically attract all of the right clients to your business instantly, there isn’t. However, building an audience and creating authority in your space is one sure way to attract potential clients to you.  The reality is without an audience and authority, it’s really hard to find clients. You need to have an audience of people who are following you, looking for you, and wanting to hear everything you say to be able to find clients.

So how do you do that? How do you build an audience and create authority in YOUR space?

First, create an audience and space where YOU are the expert. This means you aren’t fishing in other people’s ponds. You want to create your OWN community and list. FB Groups are a great way to MEET people. And there are thousands of them for you to join. However, someone else owns the group and often times THEY are the “thought of” expert in that niche. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be in other FB groups, providing HUGE value, building meaningful relationships, and growing those relationships OUTSIDE of those groups.

You need to be spending your energy and time on building your OWN community, not someone else’s. It doesn’t have to be through a Facebook Group. It may not be a great fit for everyone.  Keep in mind though, that Facebook is moving towards more of that community/group aspect. You are going to see a lot of changes with that. So now is a good time to be creating one, but only if you are committed and willing to put in the work required to GROW an active and engaged community.

That’s great, but you may be thinking – how do I create authority inside of my community or someone else’s? 

  1. Stay consistent in your messaging- If you are bouncing from one idea to the next to the next and your message online reflects that, your clients are going to have a VERY hard time following you or knowing where you best serve them. You need to get VERY clear on what you do, how you serve and the problems you solve for them. Narrow down your offers, and stay consistent.
  2. Be Authentic – Your audience wants to get to know YOU. They want to connect with you on a more personal level. You never know what may attract someone to you. Maybe it will be a joint love of the beach or dogs or coffee (all the coffee, please!). When you can connect authentically BEYOND just business, you build a deeper connection with your audience and in turn build your know, like, trust factor.
  3. Hang out where your clients hang out – Where is your client spending their time? Is it on FB? Is it listening to podcasts? Linkedin? Instagram? YouTube? Pinterest? You don’t need to be everywhere but you need to be where yuor clients are. If your ideal client is on Linkedin and you spend all your time on FB because that is what you know, how will your ideal clients find you? Remember, this is not about YOU! You are here to serve your audience in the best way you can. You have to show up where they are if you want them to find you.
  4. Connect with them OFFLINE – We live in this massively digital world and it is amazing in sooo many ways. But the lack of true person to person connection is severely missing. Even if you use Zoom or some type of video conferencing software, connect with people offline. Get to know them. See their faces, watch their mannerisms. See how they interact with you. Texting, recorded videos, and edited photos is not CONNECTING. Bring back the relationship marketing piece to your business and build real human connections! If you see they posted a picture of their child on the first day of school – send them a message and tell them how cute it was. Don’t just scroll on by and “like” it. Message back and forth and share your story of your child’s first day of school. Connect with your audience in a personal way and DO NOT message them about their kids first day of school just to turn the conversation into a sales pitch. This goes back to #2 about being authentic. Businesses are still built on relationships. You want to be top of mind not only for your skills, but also for your authenticity, integrity, honesty, and compassion.
  5. Not everyone is your client – You need to be OK with the fact that not everyone is going to resonate with you or be your potential client. In fact, when you become 100% OK with this, it makes your ideal client even more drawn to you. You know exactly who you serve, how you serve and what results you can provide. You don’t need followers or an audience of people who don’t resonate with you or your methods. That does NOT build authority and can in turn have the exact opposite affect and completely ruin your authority. It’s ok to say NO, it’s OK to remove someone from your FB group if they aren’t a good fit. It’s OK to take someone off your list. You want your community full of people who are excited to see your name in their inbox or social feed.

    All of the above tips are great, but they require action, consistency and work.

    You have to be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit. To show up, to be visible, to be vulnerable. You can’t sit back and hide behind the keyboard and expect people to come flocking to you. It’s not natural human nature. Some people buy on impulse, but most people buy on an emotional response or connection to someone. Be top of mind. Be the name that people think of immediately when they run across XYZ problem.

Action steps:

  • Find where your audience is hanging out and show up.
  • Get crystal clear on how you serve and what you want to be known for in the space and stay consistent. Create a 90 day action plan and stick with it.
  • Build authentic and REAL relationships and don’t be afraid to take them offline!


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