Do you know what skills you have?  When was the last time you’ve taken inventory of all the skills you really have?

I think, oftentimes, we tend to forget about skills that we have because we’re not using them on a daily basis.  Sometimes we’ve invested so much time, energy, effort, and even money into acquiring and honing skills, but then we put them on the back burner; we forget about them, and we don’t use them to build and create.

I find that one way to really expand our business and the ways we work with and help others is to sit and think about what skills we have, list them out, group them, and then see how we can put them to use. Maybe you can improve your current offers, or maybe you have a skillset that can open up new opportunities within your business. What skills do you have that can be used to improve your offers and efforts?

What types of skills do I have |

A few months ago, I had an old colleague reach out to me and ask me for some help with a project he was working on.  As he began to pick my brain and I started to guide him, I could hear old skills resurfacing. I had spent years perfecting, learning, and investing in educating myself to build these skills that were now going to waste.  

Boy did that hit me.  But it also got me to thinking, what else am I leaving on the table? What other skills did I have that I wasn’t using to their full potential?  What skills did I have that could really move me more into my ‘zone of genius,’ as Gay Hendricks refers to it in The Big Leap—(great read, by the way; highly recommend). When we hung up, I got to work reviewing these skills and fitting them into my business.

So, tell me, what skills do you have that you’re not using?  What skills have you forgotten about or put on the back burner?

I challenge you to sit down and write out all of the skills you have; from the most menial to the most complex.  Write down everything you’ve ever trained for, everything you’ve ever learned or researched, everything you’ve ever invested in, and everything you’ve studied.  Write down each and every one of your skills. Then, figure out their application in your work.

Want a little guidance with this process?  

Check out this worksheet to help you not only brain dump your skills, but to group and explore how you can use more of the skills you’ve invested in.

I’m willing to bet there’s at least one great idea for a new course, a new program, a new service, a new venture somewhere in your skill set. So, challenge yourself to find it!