Hey YOU! Yeah YOU!

I have a couple questions for you, well actually, more than a couple.  They are:

  • Are you finding yourself feeling stuck?
  • Are you asking yourself “Is this really where I’m meant to be?”
  • Is this what I’m meant to do?
  • Is this who am I’m meant to be?
  • Am I on the right path? What’s next for me?

All of these questions more than likely leave you feeling very lonely and lost. Guess what… you aren’t alone! Everyone around you is facing something.  And more than likely are asking themselves one of those questions also. So what do you do to find the answers?

When most people are trying to find the answer to this questions they end up trying the passive learning route. Passive learning is taking in information, but never putting any of the information into action and then wondering WHY nothing is changing for them. I think at some point in time everyone has done this!  Have you been down that road? How’d it work out for you?

Ok, so I’ve already asked you a lot of questions, and I have one more:

  • Do you know YOU?

I know that seems like such a simple question, and I’m guessing you would tell me, “Of course, I know myself!”  But I’m asking if you REALLY know “YOU”! If you think you do, then  I want you to tell me the following:

  • What do you know?
  • How do you talk to yourself?
  • Do you talk nicer to yourself than you do others?


But I want you to really think about that. Why don’t you speak nicer to yourself than you do to others? Were you taught and inspired to embrace all your greatness from the time you were a child? We’d all like to answer “yes” to that question, but from the time we are little, the accepted norms are all dependent on the family you grew up in.  Regardless of how it was when you were growing up, you have PERMISSION to TALK nicer to yourself than you currently do!

Did you know that you have so much POWER within yourself?  Yet, how often do you dig deep in appreciation for who you are? Do you know what gifts you bring to the table?  Do you know the difference you make every day?  These are all questions you need to ask yourself as a way to really dig deep and take a good look inside YOU!

When you start to look inside, and dig deep, everything shifts.

It takes time to really dig deep, and finding your answers doesn’t happen overnight. But, taking the first step can be and should be super simple. This will help you continue the action path.

Are you ready to start digging?

It’s super simple. Here is your first action step:

Pick a word that describes you, or that you want to describe you. Say it out loud to yourself every morning before getting out of bed. It will make a difference. My client did this, and sent me this note:

“Dr. Jake (name changed) told me I looked like I had some inner peace back this morning and that I was glowing! I said my word this morning.”

Yes, it can start that easy. You’ve got this!