Monday Mentions is a weekly roundup of my favorite free (or cheap) apps, softwares and products.

I love apps that help me create, save me time, organize my life, and help me run my business.  But, a key part of being an entrepreneur and business owner is self-care–taking care of my mind, body, and spirit, too. I can only operate at full speed for so long before my body tells me it needs to slow down.  So, of course, I had to go on the hunt for apps (because, there is an app for that, too, right?) to help me manage my self-care. I was surprised to find quite a large number of options on the market, but after testing quite a few, I figured I would share my three favorites with you.  

Insight Timer: Insight Timer is a FREE meditation app, and, in my humble opinion, the best one on the market today.  It has a meditation for just about every scenario, and for just about any time period, with as little as 60 seconds. So, there really is absolutely NO excuse for not meditating.  It is so important for your mental health to give your brain some quiet, tranquil time to meditate. For me, I love to fall asleep to a nice meditation and let it sink in to my subconscious (especially since I am not a morning person).  You can sort your options to only include male or female voices, background music, spiritual or religious content and more. It also tracks your progress, so if you want to set a goal for yourself, Insight Timer will keep track of your progress.  Highly recommend!

DownDog:  This is a free yoga app, and again, one of the better ones.  When I first started using this app, there were some features available that have now been moved to the paid version as it gained popularity. For me, the free version still works perfectly fine.  They have Full Practice, Quick Flow, No Flow and Restorative options. What I love most about it is the combination of video and audio–so you can see the positions, watch how they are transitioning, and hear the audio cues that go along with each one. Like the Insight Timer, DownDog takes away the opportunity for me to say, “I don’t have enough time today!”  With quick 7-10 min yoga workouts with you on your phone at all times, you can do yoga in the morning, on your lunch break, after work etc. No excuses! You should see what a little yoga break can do for your focus and productivity throughout the day!

ThinkUp:  This app focuses on positive mindset and affirmations.  If affirmations are not yet part of your daily practice, I highly recommend them. This app will certainly guide you.  Each affirmation is broken down into several different categories, including gratitude, abundance, health and well being, sales, stress, and many more.  With the free version, you can select up to 5 different affirmations and then record yourself saying them. This is the most powerful part. Reading affirmations is great, but saying them out loud is meaningful; saying an affirmation is active and forces you to claim it.  You can then listen to them in the car or shower, before bed; whenever you feel stressed and need a boost.  Hearing affirmations in your own voice is key to your success. To take ThinkUp to the next level, I also suggest writing the affirmations down and putting them in a place you can see them every day.

When it comes to my self-care needs, Insight Timer, DownDog and ThinkUp are my “go-to” favorites, but there are so many other great apps.  A few others I recommend you check out are: