If you have been in business for a while or even if you are just starting out, you will hear the phrase “money-making activities” regularly.  Everyone will tell you to make sure you are doing those money-making activities EVERY DAY or at least every week in your business.

But what are those money-making activities?  Do you know?

Money-making activities focus around sales and marketing.  Sales and marketing often can be the two areas of business most people DON’T want to focus on.  Sales can intimidate and stir up many fears in people. Marketing can overwhelm and sound more difficult and time-consuming than it needs to be. It’s easy to make pretty graphics, spend time on social media, watch videos, and make lists… but how and what you do with those things is the distinction between money-making activities and busy work.

My top 5 money-making activities are:

  1. Connect with new people – People = Profits!  You must always be making new connections and building new relationships in order for your business (and list) to continue to grow.  Try to connect with 5-10 new people a week. This could be an email to someone you met at a networking event introducing yourself further, connecting with new people on social media, starting a conversation, engaging with someone’s posts or subscribing to their blog.  Add value to THEM and show interest in them!
  2. Follow-up –  This can be one of the scariest for some, but take your fears out of this equation and think about it from a strategic point of view.  Follow-up is crucial to your success. Check in with your current customers and see if you can be of any further help to them, follow up with your prospects spoken to in the past, follow up on those new connections you made and reach back out.  You never know where people are in their business and life – timing is everything. There is nothing to lose by following up!
  3. Write a new blog post or newsletter – Your followers and customers need to hear from you!  Have something new to share with them? Send a newsletter! Consistency is key and people want to hear from you!  Keep these two topics in mind – Education and Entertainment. As you are preparing your new content, ask yourself is this educational or entertaining?
  4. Create a new freebie or offer – Like the last tip, you must always continue to offer your prospects and customers something!  They need to realize HOW they can work with you or buy from you. If you aren’t giving them an offer, they won’t know they need what you have!  Every business has three steps in the sales and marketing process: Leads – Offers – Sales; make sure you have something to offer.
  5. Market Research – Do you even know what your clients and prospects need or want from you?  Not sure what to offer next? ASK THEM! Let them do the work for you. Put a question out there on social media asking people what their struggles are in your particular area of expertise, ask them to ask their friends and colleagues and share their feedback.  Take their feedback exactly for what it is. It is just feedback. If they come back and have no interest in what you thought would be your next greatest product or service, don’t get discouraged. Be thankful you knew ahead of time and save yourself hours of creating on something nobody would purchase!

Seem overwhelming?  Don’t overthink it.  The key to staying productive and not just “busy” is putting together a plan and mapping it out.  Schedule these activities into your daily/weekly routine and the more you do it, the faster it will become.


If you are using Google Calendar, they have a great new feature in their mobile version called “Goals”.

You can then choose a goal such as “follow up” and you tell the calendar how often you want to do it (once a week, 3 times a week, daily etc) and for how long (30 min, 1 hour…) and when the best time for you is (morning, afternoon, evening) and it will automatically fill in your calendar with that task based around your current schedule.

It also sends reminders and follows up with you to see if you have completed the task and gives you a score at the end of the week. It’s a powerful tool and one that can be very helpful to keep you on task and be sure you get the above money making activities done consistently and efficiently.


The key is to just start!  Start slow and you will see the results!

For even more daily activities to increase revenue, download my free guide with 20+ Money Making Activities and an interactive tracker to help you track, record, see your progress!