“Pivot” – a word often used in business or in entrepreneurship. But what does pivoting in business mean? And why do people use it so much?

Everyone has a different definition of it, but I like to think of it more as “evolution” or “growth”. Many times people have a negative feeling about businesses that “pivot”, but why? It doesn’t mean their business isn’t going well. That is just what many people assume. It’s possible that they have outgrown their current business plan, or realized their plan was not in line with their vision or the ideal client.

And for me, that is exactly the case. I made the decision in July 2019 that I was going to really take a step back and evaluate my business. Where was I at? Where did I want it to go? What was working and lighting me up inside? What wasn’t? What was my audience in need of most? These are questions I felt that I needed the answers to in order to know where my business truly stood.

Inside of my FB community, I asked one question when people request to join “what is your biggest struggle in business?”. Around 80-90% of the response was “find more clients”. When I took the time to actually sit down and review this information, I realized that this truly was what my audience was looking for and so – I pivoted. Having this information at your fingertips is solid gold for your business. It allows you to really take a look at your business and see how you can position your business to meet the needs of the audience. It also allows you to determine if your skills and expertise can be positioned in this way and HOW you can make it work.

Does this mean what I was doing wasn’t working? Not at all – but I also realized that I could help a lot MORE people if I would focus on the biggest struggle at hand.

Finding more clients means sooo much to everyone. There are so many reasons WHY people want to find more clients. Also, there are a variety of different strategies to find them and I really need to dig deeper into this.

I spent the entire month of July and August, revamping, creating, and working ON my business so that it would be ready to re-launch in September 2019. I created a new course that is a 5 part framework to help people take their ideas and understand HOW they can monetize and sell them. It also helps them understand WHO and WHY that potential client needs it. I changed the name of my FB community to speak to EXACTLY what it is about “Find the RIGHT Clients for your Business”. I created a new daily sales activity program and am launching it in beta designed to help you create a daily sales system you can complete everyday in less than 30 min to FIND MORE CLIENTS. I revamped my 1:1 offers. I put in A LOT of work ON my business!

I am telling you all of this because I want you to know that is OK to pivot. It’s OK to outgrow your current marketing and business plan. Also, it’s OK to outgrow your current clients. Why? Because most often our current clients are what is keeping us “safe” and in our comfort zone because we are afraid to move out of it and therefore, it’s OK to revamp your offers and your messaging.

Why do I say this is all OK? Because when you pivot your business, it reignites your passion, that fire burning inside of you. It gives you the excitement to get back out there and share your message with the world. And most importantly it allows you to SERVE your audience in the best possible way.

So..if you are feeling a little down and feeling like your business is not aligned with your inner passion and vision, I highly encourage you to take a step back. Take a deep, hard look at your business and see if it is time for a pivot. Don’t get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. Focus on YOU and your business. If you have a platform where your audience tells you what they are struggling with – research it – evaluate it. See if you can adapt to their needs and desires.

If you aren’t pivoting, you aren’t evolving and growing.

Business is a constant state of evolution. Do NOT view that as a negative. Evolution is a good thing for business. Scratch that…it’s a GREAT thing. It means that your business is scaling to new heights. And it means you have the ability to make an even larger impact. So please do not view it as defeat or failure or as if your original plan didn’t work out. Big brands that we know, love, and use daily have made some huge pivots from their first launch. If they didn’t we probably wouldn’t even know who they are.

I leave you with this quote from a guest writer on Entrepreneur.com

“You don’t have to be a hit right out of the gate to become a successful entrepreneur, nor does your business idea need to remain intact to maximize those chances of success. Instead, open your mind to other possibilities, and don’t be afraid to make a major change — even if you’re already a few years in. It might just be the change you need to save the business.”

-Jayson DeMers
Founder and CEO, AudienceBloom


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